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Typological Analysis and Thought Progress of Historic Buildings

In the third project,  in the process of historical evolution, the oppression of people has always existed, and people have always longed for freedom. In the pursuit of personal power, people have the right to be oppressed and liberated according to the different states of historical periods.
Select the representative democratic activities and the development of groups that have a significant impact on human beings, extract the oppressed activities in the corresponding historical period, and conduct typological research on the prototypes of historical buildings corresponding to the historical period. 

At the same time, it presents a way of making up for the oppression of the past, as well as the psychological compensation for the future life and the historical period when the crowd faced the oppression of the past. The vision of egalitarianism and liberation in the future builds a completely liberated world at the same time, which is reflected in the architectural space, where people coexist in the same architectural space, showing a utopian vision of future development prospects.

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